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Patentanwaltskanzlei Vièl & Wieske PartGmbB

Feldmannstraße 110
66119 Saarbrucken

Tel.: +49 – (0)681 – 58 59 59
Fax: +49 – (0)681 – 58 59 81


We offer consulting services and legal representation in matters relating to intellectual property law:

Technical intellectual property rights

    Utility model

Rights in distinctive signs

    Trademark - Collective mark
    Business name - Company name
    Commercial designation - Logo
    Geographical indication and designation of origin

Design rights

    Registered design - design patent


    License contract
    Confidentiality contract
    Know-how - contract
    R&D cooperation contract
    Sales contract for intellectual property rights

Employee inventions law

    Review and handling of formal requirements
    Compensation agreement

Our Office has its origin in the Stein Patent Law Office, founded in Sarrebrucken in 1910, and therefore has a history dating back more than 100 years. Please click the section History if you wish to find out more about the course of development of our office as mirrored in the history of the Saar (in German language).

Our law firm is headquartered in Saarbrucken, a central location within the SAAR-LOR-LUX (Saar/Lorraine/Luxembourg) Euroregion. Saarbrucken can be reached by train from Paris or Frankfurt in less than two hours and is easily reached by car from nearby cities in the region (60 km from Metz, 80 km from Luxembourg, 120 km from Nancy and Strasbourg).

Our services comprise consulting and legal representation even ahead of potential applications for protective rights and continuing all the way through to the granting/registration of such rights. This includes:

After the granting/registration of protective rights, our services indlude management of protective rights portfolios, which involves monitoring renewal-fee deadlines and investigation of conflicting competitor activities.

Our services also include procedures to check the validity of granted/registered intellectual property rights (objection/nullity/cancellation procedures).

Further consulting services available from our legal team run from the handling of proceedings connected with protective rights infringements through to product piracy issues.

Out-of-court and in-court representation are yet another component of our services. The former includes the drawing up of contracts and provision of supporting and consulting activities during contract negotiations and the preparation of legal opinions ahead of litigation (e.g. what are known as "freedom to operate assessments").

Our complementary technical education enables us to offer competent consulting in many technical and scientific areas: mechanical engineering, process engineering, electrical engineering and electronics, informatics, chemistry, biotechnology, materials science and physics.

The vicinity of our office to France (apporx. 2 km as the crow flies) and Christof Vièl's dual qualification, as a licensed French patent attorney and licensed German patent attorney, have led to our office becoming a bridge between German and French intellectual property protection. The fact that our team has a command of various languages (German, French, English and Spanish) facilitates contacts both with our clients and with official bodies and colleagues all over the world.